My American Dream
Born in Turkey, immigrating to Canada and settling down in the US. On loneliness, open mind set and American Citizenship Interview.
From Immigrating for Several Days from Israel by Boats to Building a Successful Career as a Financial Advisor in the US.
Scientist from China, who Became a Priest and Moved to the US for the Freedom of Religion. About his Wife Torturing and more.
US Born Scientist Spent 20+ Years in his Native Land in the Philippines. About Being Culturally Shocked with Wide American Roads, Individualized Life.Tagalog, English, Typhoons, Giving Back and more.
Larry’s Father Had to Escape from Hitler Germany Because He was Jewish and his Grandmother Ran Away from “Pogroms” in Tsar Russia. About Asian Women, Culture, Languages and more.
Dreamer herself. Born and raised in the Jewish family in the US. Her love for French made her an outsider. Now she touches lives of other people by giving them the voice through a language
From Landing in Chicago Following her Son’s American Dream to Join US Navy to Building the Biggest Bulgarian School Outside of Bulgaria. About COVID-19, Languages, Opportunities and More
Brand New to This Country Egyptian Female Media Broadcaster, Reporter, Wife and Mother of 2 - About Strong Women, Cultural Shock, Readjusting Goals, Adopting to a New Life
Harvard Grad from Moldova, the author of “Never Go with Your Gut” about the accent and trust, retraining your gut for making intentional decisions, physical and mental health
Moving to the US from beautiful Brazil to find out she has breast cancer. About conquering big “C” disease, healthy eating, running, spirituality and more
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